1939, Dieselpunk America.

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    Welcome to Ferrum, enjoy your stay!

    The year is 1939, and the Great Depression is an event unknown to the world. The American economy and culture flourishes, setting standards throughout the world. Zeppelins and aeroplanes grace the skies, automobiles and trains are now the main means of transportation. No longer are cities just stuck on the ground, now they have begun being built in the clouds and beneath the surface of the ocean. Why, scientists have even creatures traversable wormholes to other worlds. Yes, it is truly the Age of Science in this dimension.

    As wonderful as the science is, the world is still a simple one, if not on the edge of dangerous. In Europe Hitler is still rising, Italy and Japan his allies. Austria has already fallen into his hands, and the start of a nightmare has begun. While the rest of the world seem weary, they are not entirely sure of the atrocities taking place under his rule.

    In America, the prohibition has never happened, allowing the Jazz age to seamlessly become the era of Swing. The youth culture is light-hearted, rarely disturbed the happenings in the rest of the world. Veterans of the Great War, however, are more cautious, keeping an eye on news clippings and radio broadcasts telling of happenings across the ocean. The teens and young adults just laugh at these old-timers, thinking they're just paranoid.

    Ferrum is just another American city, located on the east coast of the United States. It's an older city, established when the English landed in the late 16th century. Originally, it was a fishing town, but now, it is a leading city in science and culture. In the heart of the city is the radio station, constantly broadcasting music, sports or a show. There is the occasional news report, giving the denizens an idea of the weather and happenings in the rest of the world.

    Down the street from the radio station is the city hall, and across from that the courthouse, and the bank. Going the opposite way from the broadcasting center is the college campus. Around this area there are a number of places to keep entertained. The city also houses a large shopping district, a military recruiting station, apartments and lofts, and a large library.

    [Lolling Meadows]
    City life not for you? Surrounding the city is the suburban area, perfect for the middle-class citizen. For those with children, there is an elementary and high school. The police patrol the area, doing their best to keep it safe, and there's a firehouse located near the large park. It is a tight knit community, and safe enough to leave the keys in your car, and your house unlocked.

    [The Country-Side]
    Even further from the city is the crisp, clean country side where an honest man still gets up and works from dawn to dusk. Fields upon fields of rowing meadows and crops can be seen during the summer and autumn, the houses of these hardworking farms visible during the winter.

    [The Harbor]
    Just south of the city is the Lavaine Harbor, where not only ships can stop, but Zeppelins can dock, and planes can land on the airfield. Clearance is required from the air tower, but upon landing, there will be a hangar available, and a warm meal ready.

    Off the coast of Ferrum is an underwater city, built beautifully in the art deco style. Astolat has a community of it's own, including a different mayor, police and patrol. Airtight walkways connect the buildings, and an elevator that rises to a platform connects it to the rest of the world. This is a more open community, welcoming citizens who may not quite fit in with the mainland-including those who may be viewed as 'monsters.'

    [Creatio Insula]
    Creatio Insula is for those high-tech-smarty pants people that get America running! The island off the coast of Ferrum, above Astolat, and underneath Aermundi gives science that just-so-needed extra "Oomph!".

    Love that 'wind-in-your-hair' feeling? Aermundi is the floating place for you! Just head to the Harbor to board one of the many aeroplanes or zeppelins! Located right above Creatio Insula and Astolat, and you can't miss it unless you never look up! {Note: all power to Aermundi is wind powered, of course.}

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