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    Levels and Powers

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    Levels and Powers

    Post  Mayor Owel on Sat Mar 05, 2011 2:13 pm

    Fighting is allowed in Ironopolis, unless otherwise stated. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind when fighting!

    1-No killing without the other RPer's permission!

    2-Keep it realistic. If you're using a gun, keep track of how many rounds you have, and how many you've shot; if you're using a glass bottle, keep in mind, it'll probably break.

    3-Unless otherwise agreed between RPers, or stated, use your level of dice and your health points.

    4-If an RPer does not wish to fight, do not force them.

    5-Keep track of your own health, it is very aggravating to have to tally someone else's health on top of your own; and moderators do not always have time to watch a fight intently.

    6-Once you or an opponent hit 0, or someone surrenders, the fight is over.

    7-No more than 3 attacks per post (with the exception of plots); and maximum 3 dice per coin. Dodge may only be used ONCE per post, and if you heal, you may not attack during that post.

    8-You may not use your powers until an admin approves them!

    How to Fight
    -Use the dice and coins at the bottom of a post when you go to reply.
    +Pick your level for die from the drop down menu, then where it says 'dice rolls' next to it, type the number you need.
    +Next, hit the arrow button.
    +Pick the coin, and again, type the number of flips you need.
    +For stuns or dodge, pick that option.

    Levels and powers
    Die and powers are divided by tiers of ten. A new power is granted every tier you go up.

    Levels (and ultimately, power-ups) are granted through fights; training; plots; and, hard work, though these posts must be very well written and researched, and they must show your character doing the work such as plowing and tending crops, building a house, fixing a car.

    Fights: 1 Level for the loser, 2 for the winner.
    +If the winner happened to beat a higher tier than their own, they will get an extra level, however, they must have used their own dice.
    Training: 1 Level each.
    Plots: Levels vary by difficulty and activeness.
    Hard-Work: 1-2 levels, depending how details, difficulty and accuracy. If completely inaccurate and lacking, no level will be granted.

    No levels will be granted to those who die, unless it is in a plot.

    Do note that powers do not have to be like a superhero's, but can be something like accuracy in aim, strong kicks, or the ability to take something apart. They are something that makes that character unique from others.

    Abilities are something that is normal for that type of creature, for example, shape-shifting for were-animals; speed for vampires; glamors for faeries; healing for nearly any supernatural creature. They rarely grant the character any extra coin or die, except perhaps healing or dodge.

    A character is only allowed one stun; one heal; and one dodge. Insta-kills are not allowed until the final power-up (level 50).

    Weapons are allowed, but try to keep it to two a fight. It isn't likely your character is a walking, talking armory, right?

    Now, as for how many coins and dice to use:
    Basic attacks (with or without weapons) are 1 die.
    Something that would add oomph or such would be 2 die-such as brass knuckles, a sword, steel-toed boots.
    Three-die attacks are special, and rare.
    Please get approval by a mod or admin if you are unsure, or if something seems wrong with a fight.

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