1939, Dieselpunk America.

    Creating a Character

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    Creating a Character

    Post  Mayor Owel on Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:03 pm

    For those interested in creating an original character from this general time-line, here are some links and pointers to get you started!

    -Yes, it is a -punk, but it is also the late '30s. Try to keep elements of this classic era in your design, but also elements of the -punk.
    *A makeup guide from the 20s-40s. (I really liked seeing the colors they painted their nails, can you believe black was in for a little bit back then?)
    *1930s Patterns
    *Articles about 1930s fashion.

    -If you want a name from this era, check out Behind the Name's Social Security name list. Names from 1880 to 2009 are available.
    *Behind the Name also has a sister site for surnames. (surnames.behindthename.com)

    -Themes for Dieselpunk include science, technology, the workers, mass-production, war, communism.
    *Dieselpunk is dirtier than steampunk. It takes place in the deco/retro age, and is darker than steam.
    *Gatehouse, Dieselpunks and, Flying Fortress have good articles to check out about dieselpunk, and some good pictures.

    -Remember to give your characters flaws.

    -Do research.

    -Keep in mind life was different then. People couldn't just jump on the phone or the internet to send a message. Letters were valuable, and phone calls could be expensive. Plus, many teenagers went to work.

    If you have any links or tips that you think should be here, don't be afraid to post them!

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