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    Run of the mill Sleuth


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    Run of the mill Sleuth

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    The alarm kept ringing, and ringing, and ringing. Eloise growled at it, slapping her slender hand around the cluttered table besides her bed until she found it and threw it into the floor. Five in the morning, bright and early. The young woman sat up, her hair a mess. An orange tabby rubbed against her legs, purring and meowing. "What ya want, Abelard?" She mumbled, scracthing behind his ear. The cat purred louder before jotting towards the dinky kitchen. She half laughed, half snorted, and followed him, her barefeet padding against the cold wood floor.

    In the kitchen, she stood on her tip-toes, grabbing him a can of tuna, and herself a mug. She looked at it, trying to figure out if it was clean, then decided it didn't really matter. While the cat ate, she brewed herself some coffee, wondering what to eat for breakfast. Next door she could hear a neighbor getting ready for another day of hard work, and above her the old couple shuffling around the floor as they woke up. This place wasn't great, but it worked. The coffee finally was ready, and she poured herself a cup, walking over to the window to view the city. She watched the citizens walk past her building, cars drive by. She listened to the noise only a city could make. And it made her smile.

    An hour later, the young woman walked into an office crammed between two building, She paid no mind to the secretary, or maybe even the lack of one-these women didn't approve of her behavior a lot of the times-and walked into the room of her own, sitting behind a large desk and opening a file. Her eyes scanned the page and she shook her head, tossing it on the desk and flipping her fedora forward over her eyes. "People these days, I tell ya." She mumbled to nobody in particular, right before she drifted to sleep, waiting for her next client.
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    Re: Run of the mill Sleuth

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