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    It's just a mad, mad world for me.


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    It's just a mad, mad world for me.

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    Ah, another glorious day on Creatio Insula for Dr. Lola. Waking up to her creations in her lab always made her mornings just ever-so wonderful. But, what to do today? "Hmm, do I have any visitors today?" She wondered to the door to pet her little helper, P. I. P., her Personal Intelligent Puppet. "Pip, has anyone came to our home today?" she asked the puppet. "Bloop!" Pip repiled to her, he never was a converser before she modified him.

    She walked to the counter to grab the oil canister left out. "Pip, have you been oiling in the night? What have I told you about that? Tisk, tisk." She sat the oil can down and picked Pip up. "Let us go outside to see the beautiful world. . .and see if we have visitors."

    They headed outside to view the world her late father had helped make. Above them were the heaven like villiage, Aermundi. Below them was the aquatic world of Astolat. Miles and miles away in front of their view was the mainland. "And now, we wait!" She sat in her lawn chair beside the building with Pip awaiting the day they have a visitor on their mysterious island.
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    Re: It's just a mad, mad world for me.

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    Approved, just don't forget to fill in her profile!

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