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    World Leaders in the late '30s

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    World Leaders in the late '30s

    Post  Mayor Owel on Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:40 am

    U.S.- Franklin D. Roosevelt
    U.K.-Neville Chamberlain
    Germany- Adolf Hitler
    Japan- Fumimaro Konoe
    Italy- Benito Mussolini
    Russia- Joseph Stalin
    Australia-Joseph Lyons
    Canada-William Lyon Mackenzie King
    South Africa- James Barry Munnik Hertzog
    Mexico- Lazaro Cardenas
    Brazil- Getulio Vargas

    *this is where things get funny for some countries*
    Joseph Lyons until April 7th
    Sir Earle Page April 7-26th
    Robert Menzies after April 26th

    Fumimaro Konoe until January 5th
    Kiichiro Hiranuma Janaury 5-August 30th
    Nobuyuki Abe after August 30th

    South Africa:
    James Barry Munnik Hertzog until September 5th
    Field Marshal Jan Christiaan Smuts after September 5th

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