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    About Astolat

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    About Astolat

    Post  Mayor Owel on Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:27 pm

    The city of Astolat is a rather new city, a celebration of the end of the Great War. Created by the same group of scientists who drew up designs for Aermundi, it was considered just as outrageous by those the idea was told to. Beginning in the summer of 1919, the city slowly became a reality. By summer 1929, it was finished. A series of strong glass tunnels connect the buildings.

    A marvelous city, statues of men surround it, encouraging the ideal of man above God. Despite being underwater, it is a lively city, and looks incredibly beautiful, especially to those who have never laid eyes on it before. There are many apartments and jobs available to those who would like to reside in the city.

    To reach the city, one merely needs to take a boat ride out to a platform that has an elevator leading to the main tunnel beneath the surface.

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