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    About the Police Officers

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    About the Police Officers

    Post  Mayor Owel on Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:41 pm

    Uniform for the police men consist of a hat, jacket and slacks (or knee-length skirt) in a dark blue, a white button down shirt, and a black tie with a black belt, socks (or nylons) and shoes. Gloves are not required. Hair is expected to be kept short and neat; clean shaven, a well kept mustache, beards are not allowed. If a woman joins the force, she is expected to keep a natural look*, and keep hair above the collar. Officers are supplied with a baton, a Colt .38 and rounds, and handcuffs; as well as a radio, shotgun, and first aid kit in the vehicle.

    For those interested in joining the force, here is a list of requirements:
    -Live in the city you wish to join's force.
    -Be physically and mentally fit and healthy.
    -A clean record, though some misdemeanors may be overlooked.
    -Must know English.
    -Understanding of the laws.
    -Calm, level-headed and patient.

    Kendall Foreman


    *Despite what some think, red tones were considered natural at the time; even in the second World War, women in the service were allowed to wear red lipstick.

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