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    Writing your presentation!

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    Writing your presentation!

    Post  Mayor Owel on Sat Mar 05, 2011 3:01 pm

    So you want to have someone in the Ferrum metropolis! Good for you! However, there are a few things you should know first!

    For starters, this site is purely original characters only. Yes, canon has lovely characters, but we want to strike that creative bone in you! Characters from the future are allowed, however. Of course, they had to arrive via wormhole or through a time travel device. The wormhole can appear anywhere, anytime, and land the character anywhere, anytime! Get creative! Maybe they landed in England, and got a ride over to this beautiful city! Keep in mind, this isn't required, though.

    Another thing, it's 1939 in an alternate universe, but that doesn't mean everything is completely different! There are still the morals, the fashion, technology. No cellphones, television or internet have been created yet!

    Now, when it comes to writing the presentation, give us an idea about where they came from, how and why they're here. If they're already from Ferrum-yes, that is allowed-give us an idea on why they're special, what can they do, where do they work, what is their life like?

    Another thing...please do not make any posts until you are approved by an admin! You may enter the chatbox if you would like, but no posting in the IC forums.

    Also, be sure to put WIP or COMPLETE in the title of your presentation and character sheet. Thank you.

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